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Dom shares her story with us about her career in fitness as a trainer and a model!

How did you get started in fitness? And what initially inspired you?

I wanted to make a change within myself and properly educate myself.

I received my personal trainer qualifications in 2004. What is funny is that I was working within the corporate industry at the time and felt like I needed a change, I studied for my PT qualifications and then went straight back into the corporate world! Crazy I know! I don't think at that time I was ready for the change. I was however ready to make the changes in my own lifestyle and I became much more interested in the health and fitness industry. And I was happy to have educated myself.

I finally realised I was working within the corporate world and not getting what I wanted out of it. After a couple of years of being an event and sponsorship manager (my last job working for the australia hotels association) I finally decided I needed to do what my heart and body was telling me. I quit, did a course refresher for my personal training qualifications (something that is compulsory within the health and fitness industry every few years for every trainer out there) and then I started working at a gym in Bondi beach, and the rest is history.

For me being a trainer is a blessing, I get to do what I love and call it my job. I help people and make them feel great about themselves, I am changing peoples lives, something I couldn't have done to this extent (i felt) within my industry in the corporate world.

Using my business mind (my other qualifications are in Business, PR, Marketing and events) I expanded my business not only in personal training, but to online training, modelling, and I am now working on some exciting things i am working on for 2015! Keep posted ;)

How do you keep yourself always motivated to work out?

I love feeling and being fit and healthy, that in its own motivates me.

Results also keep me extremely motivated, I love keeping my body in shape and being lean and toned all year around. Watching other people achieve their goals and being able to help them achieve them is also one of the most rewarding feelings that is a constant motivation.

What is your professional history?


- Cert. IV Personal Trainer
- Cert. III Fitness
- Registered Fitness Professional with Fitness Australia
- MMAXFit Level 1 instructor (boxing, kickboxing, MMA)
- Certified in Woman/Menopause fitness
- Certified Boxing Instructor (Punchfit)
- Certificate in Pre and Post Natal Exercise (Fitnation)
- Senior First Aid Certificate
- CPR Certificate


- 6 years Personal Training
- 8 years weight training
- 4 years fitness/health modelling
- 2 years boxing & kickboxing
- Specialities
- Weight loss, body sculpting, muscle toning
- Lean muscle gain
- Resistance/weight training
- TRX training and body weight exercises
- Boxing, Kick boxing and MMAXFit
- HIIT Interval training
- Plyometrics
- Basic yoga/flexibility
- Nutritional guidance & advice
- Consistent support and motivation


- Weight loss, body sculpting, muscle toning
- Lean muscle gain
- Resistance/weight training
- TRX training and body weight exercises
- Boxing, Kick boxing and MMAXFit
- HIIT Interval training
- Plyometrics
- Basic yoga/flexibility
- Nutritional guidance & advice
- Consistent support and motivation

What makes your take on fitness, nutrition different from others?

I am not strict.

I really do believe we have to live life and have everything in moderation. Now by saying that, this is what i mean.
Stick to a healthy clean lifestyle as best as you can but if you fall of the wagon and have something naughty do not beat yourself up over it. You only live one life, you have to enjoy it! And usually when you treat yourself to something naughty it saves you from over indulging down the track because you have deprived yourself!

My other tip is when you do feel like indulging try and so it in a healthy way.
Instead of milk chocolate, have dark. Create your own meals at home, I make the best pizza and burgers ever and they taste a lot better than any item I buy from the store or a restaurant and that is because I know what I am eating, I know that it is MY healthy versions, I know the ingredients, so I am comfortable enjoying every single bite! I have a million healthy recipes and i absolutely love to cook and I encourage people to. Having control over the ingredients that go into your mouth is gold, and can often be what controls the results your after.

In terms of exercise, I train myself the way my body wants to be trained. I listen to what it needs and doesn't need. I do exercises I love and i don't even bother with exercises I do not like, I just get creative and make them into something I love. If you love your workouts because they are workouts you are wanting to do, chances are you'll work a lot harder ;)

I also do not weight myself, I go off how I look when I look at myself in the mirror and by how my clothes fit. The reality is weight changes, muscles grow, fat is lost and depending on the time of day you may have just eaten something that is going to affect what the scales just said.

What's your unique perspective?

The fitness industry is expanding at a rapid rate, and I hope to be a lead influencer for living a happy and healthy life. I hope that people will accept one another and learn to help people instead of put them down. The fitness industry is an industry to bring positivity and happiness to people. It is where people are changing their lives! I love helping people on a daily basis, I get to do what I love everyday and call it my job. I am hoping to bring more updated international/national programs to people by the end of 2015 and revamp my blog.

Give an example of your typical day/routine

I wake up early usually 5am, I start with a glass of warm water and lemon to kick start my metabolism.
I then take my puppy Bali (A beautiful Aussie bulldog) for a quick walk and then head to Icebergs gym located at Bondi Beach to start training my morning clients. I usually train between 3-6 clients every morning.

I then head home and take Bali for a big play and work from home doing my online training and nutrition programs, working on my health and fitness blog that I am revamping and also my website that is going through a big change and will be re-launched next year I think it is very important to update things regularly and I am planning on making these two sites absolutely amazing!

I then return back to the gym in the afternoon and train clients into the nighttime. Again ranging from 3-6 clients. I'm very selective with who I train, they have to want it themselves and be willing to put in 100% to achieve the results they are wanting.

On somedays I have photoshoots. Yesterday I shot a billboard for a very well known health and fitness company that is launching a new protein powder, I have to be tightlipped but it will be released soon and you're bound to see it.

I do a lot of commercial modelling which I absolutely love. I love representing brands that mean something to me. Most of the time I am modelling for fitness/health companies. Rebel sport is a company which I have worked for, for many years which is the powerhouse of supply Australia with some of the best sports brands. I have done TV Commercials for rebel, berlei sports bras, power tube pro and many more. I of course do all types of modelling with my modelling agency WINK MODELS in Australia and also internationally. From commercials to catalogues, its an amazing industry that I am happy to be apart of. I am also a brand ambassador for a number of health and fitness products, and I love receiving the new products that hit the market and telling my online followers as well as clients and friends about the new amazing product/fashion item etc that has hit the market. Sharing knowledge from something you have personally experienced/received is, I think the best way to give advice on anything. I look forward to working with and representing some amazing companies and brands in my career!

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